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DK-80 System
Item Card DK-80
Trunk Port   Max. 20 Ports (4 ports per card)
Extension Port   Max. 64 Ports (8 ports per card)
CPU Board 1 ROM:512KB, SRAM: 512KB(battery backup),
    Music Source, Conference Call (4 parties)
Function Board A 1 Voice DISA (4 minutes), 4 Digital Voice Mail Channels (360 minutes), 1 RS-232 Interface, 3 Relay Ports, 1 Door phone
Function Board B 1 Voice DISA (4 minutes), 1 RS-232 Interface, 3 Relay Port, 1 Door phone
Loop Trunk Board 1~4 4 Loop-start Trunk Port, 1 Power Failure Transfer
Digital Extension Board 1~8 8 Ports per Card
Single Line Phone Board 1~8 8 Ports per Card
Dimension (mm)   430(L)x290(D)x120(H)
Temperature   0¢J to 40¢J
Humidity   30¢H to 90¢H Non-condensing
Power Requirements   90VAC ~ 240VAC 60Hz / 50Hz
Single Line Phone Loop Resistance   420 Ohms (not include phone)
System Features
Alarm-System Conference Programmable Flash Time
Auto Redial DTMF / Pulse Compatibility Remote Programming
Auto C.O. Hold Flexible Ring Assignment Speed Dialing
Auto Fax Detection Hold Recall System Battery Backup
ARS / LCR Last Number Redial Toll Restriction
Account Code Line Queuing Auto Attendant (DISA)
Background Music Long Speech Restriction Caller ID
Broker¡¦s Call Message Waiting Door Phone / Lock
C.O. To C.O. Music On Hold Source Intelligent Voice Mail
Call Forward Night Mode Service Relay Control
Call Hold Night Transfer Service SMDR
Call Park On Call Programming External Audio Interface
Call Pickup Override Call RS-232
Call Screen Page Station Template
Call Transfer Power Failure Phone Live Recording
Common Ring Private Line Switching Power
Station Features
Absent Message Executive Override Station Lock
Alarm Clock Headset Connection Two Color LED Indicator
Auto C.O. Hunting Intercom Auto Reply Voice Or Ring Call
Direct Station Selection On Hook Dialing Music Ring Call
Do Not Disturb One Touch Speed Dialing Loud Speaker
Electronic Volume Control Programmable Feature Keys Monitor
Executive Hold Programmable Ring Macro Key
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