FCI "DIGITAL" is the Smartest Way to Keep the World Well Connected The DK Series is designed with the most advanced features in modern telecommunications, and is also the ideal system for today's home and office. Our Systems offer 2 to 48 CO Lines and 6 to 144 Stations. Key benefits : VoIP buildin Interface, Caller ID and Call Back, Built-in Voice Mail, Auto Attendant as no time different station transfer, Auto FAX detection, Remote Programming on DTMF.
1. Cost Saving Features

VoIP Interface ( VoIP VPN )
Intergrate PSTN and Internet Telephony into PBX system. All office can be controled as a VPN network via Internet through VoIP Interface. Users can make a cost effective call over VoIP

Auto Attendant (DISA)
One board design of Non-blocking and no time different extension transfer features can answer all of CO lines at the same time.

Intelligent Voice Mail
DK Series builds in the precise Voice Mail features in the systems. You just need to add one optional board on it. It do help you to save much cost comparison with external device one.
This function helps you to analyze and control costs by recording and printing outgoing detail messages.
Toll Restriction
Enables you to block local, long distance, and/or international calls in order to minimize expenses.
2. Safety Capability

Caller ID
Identifies the phone number of each incoming call, and can be transferred to designated stations. The system also provides a Caller ID Call Back capability for answered or unanswered calls.

Call Screen
Filters out unwanted calls from designated phone numbers. This function can be set at Day / Night time separately.
3. High Efficiency Functions

Auto Fax Switch
Automatically distinguishes between incoming faxes and voice calls.

Baby Phone
This key set with extra phone jack enables you to directly connect any analog line device, such as PC / Notebook with modem for Internet, FAX, Wireless Phone, or Single Line Phone.
Remote Programming
Monitor and configure your customers' systems from your own facility to provide prompt and reliable service.
Broker's Call
Specially designed for brokering by allowing you to individually and privately communicate between two parties.
Speed Dialing
Pre-program most of using telephone number for quicker convenient dialing.
Line Queuing
With this function, the system will automatically inform and reserve next available C.O line for you.
One Touch Dialing
Designate individual keys (Programmable DSS Key) to automatically dial frequently used numbers.
Programmable Feature Keys
Rearrange the functional programming key of the DK Series to suit your own needs.
4. VoIP Protocol and Features
SIP call signaling - RFC 3261 with backward compatible with RFC 2543
RTP ( RFC 1889 ) , RTCP ( RFC 1890 )
SDP ( RFC2327 )
NAPTR for SIP URI lookup ( RFC 2915 )
TFTP/HTTP for Auto Provisioning
SNTP for network time synchnization
Media Encription -- AES, HMAC, MD5, HMAC SHAI
Line Echo Cancellation
VAD ( Voice Activity Detection )
CNG ( Comfort Noise Generation )
Packet Lost Concealment
Codec Support G.729A/B, G.723.1/A, G.726, G.711 ( a-law and u-law )
Key Feature

Caller ID Display and Call Back Capability

Call Screen Unwanted Incoming Call

Supports up to 8 Channels Auto Attendant Service
LCR/ARS & Account Code for Cost Saving
Built-in Voice Mail, Supports Live Recording & MSG Forwarding Capability
Wireless Capability Through Common Ring Feature
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