Towards a New Era for the Telecommunications Industry

Building on IP technology, Next Generation Network (NGN) development and infrastructure deployment have already become the new focus directions for the global telecommunications industry. In particular, development related to Internet Telephony has become an especially hot field. FCI's sophisticated IP-PBX/KTS (Key Telephone System), Internet Telephony solutions, complemented by its strong capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing, are enabling the creation of a new generation of intelligent telecommunications environments, and the re-invention of business communications infrastructure in enterprises.

The rise of the Internet, coupled with the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, has allowed numerous smaller telecommunications equipment vendors and service providers to take advantage of the Internet's universal reach to offer applications and services that were once the exclusive domain of the large telecom carriers. FCI has recognized this development trend, and has for several years devoted efforts to developing the market for IP-PBX/KTS and Computer Telephony Integration solutions. At present, it is Taiwan's only telecommunications vendor to offer a comprehensive product lineup encompassing IP-PBX/KTS, IP phone, Unified Messaging, possessing core capabilities in relevant technologies.

Looking to the future, FCI is dedicating itself to the enormously promising market for next generation network telecommunications equipment, providing a complete product line for all types of businesses, equipment vendors, and service providers.

FCI solutions allow users to enjoy a diverse range of application services with low installation costs and reasonable service fees, while at the same time giving it an important position in the global market for next generation network equipment.

Integrate Computer and Telephony applications, keep abreast of telecommunications equipment development technologies
Fulfill demand for next-generation high-performance business communication infrastructure solutions

Our experienced technology and service teams provide all types of companies with a comprehensive lineup of telecommunications products and solutions.

IP-PBX/KTS (Key Telephone System)
Voice over IP Gateway /ATA
IP Phone

FCI's products can satisfy the needs of companies of all sizes in different industries. From PBX/KTS systems for small and medium-sized companies to multimedia call centers with hundreds of operators, FCI's products and services have won the trust and affirmation of its customers.

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