Elite Team
The members of the executive team at FCI are drawn largely from the Computer and Communications Laboratory of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, companies in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, and large domestic telecommunications vendors. They bring an average of more than ten years of experience in working with next-generation network technology implementation, as well as the manufacture and development of related products—together with bold vision and advanced technical expertise.
Sophisticated Technology

FCI is leading the rapid development of Taiwan's Unified Messaging Systems and Communications Servers, and its ability to innovate and integrate has won widespread acclaim within the industry. FCI customers include major Taiwanese public and private enterprises and organizations such as the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Formosa Petrochemical, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Fubon Financial Holdings, and Fitel.

FCI is also an ODM/OEM partner for major international vendors of PBX/KTS systems and digital stations. Its products are marketed in more than thirty countries around the world, with product quality that has been globally recognized.

Future Prospects

As we progress towards the realization of communications environments built around next-generation networks that integrate data and voice, FCI has honed its capabilities in software and hardware R&D as well as integration technology, all the while maintaining a thorough understanding of industry trends and market needs

FCI is confident of supplying superior products and solutions to satisfy the requirements of businesses for high-performance communications. It will work together with customers to create a win-win situation, as it moves toward an even more successful future.

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